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    A nomadic Bridge House for Adults

    supporting Children’s culture with Gaia


  • Context & Purpose


    We are. Women. Mothers. Humans. Children. Exploring the edges of motherhood and what it means to be a space holder for children with Gaia.

    So far we have discovered our identities are blurred with the many hats we wear in modern culture. As a mother you have to be; the nurse, the cleaner, the manager, the stabiliser, the compensator, the protector, the cook, the driver, the calendar, the logistics manager. As a woman you have to be; the strong one, the weaker one, the sensual one, the practical one, the object, attractive but not too attractive. This list goes on.

    It’s insane. To be a woman is to be the impossible. This is infuriating. Gaia is calling us to create something new, to rediscover our identity as women and include our children in this journey. Can you hear this calling too?

    Living in individual boxes, doing it alone and sometimes popping out for connection is no longer enough, it never was and now it is time to do something about it.

    Our first destination is Cape Verdi and it will last 28 days - for the whole month of February!



    Rice and Beans is a space for you to;


    - Connect with other Beings through meaningful activity

    - If you want to collaborate (taking turns in cooking and cleaning, holding space for meal preperation (with kids), logistics, etc)

    - Explore how we, as adults, can shift into a reality where children are already evolutionary team players

    - Create simplicity in our life; simple nourishing food, simple tasks, simple connection

    - Explore what village life can be

    - Discover new ways of relating with and caring for children

    - Engage our senses and feelings to experience the world

    - Be in beauty through simplicity

    - To leave Patriarchy behind (not fighting it) and source Archiarchy

    - Being radical honesty, radical relating, radical freedom

    - Purple Card





    - Have attended Gremlin Decontamination and ETB

    - Staying for the whole month

    - Guests that want to stay for a short period can deliver some work.


    Rice & Beans Bridge-House is:


    The Bridge House itself is also a member of our team. We called it Rice and Beans as a metaphor for our way of connecting with each other and our children. It is rooted in simplicity. We are leaving behind the complexities of the patriarchy that taught us how to play our mother roles.


    Rice & Beans Bridge-House is NOT:


    - A convenient 'babysitter' or 'day care center' for your child.

    - A 'broken person's support group' of caretakers for Child-Egostate victims.

    - A 'hippy drop-in joint' where you can be 'free' and 'do whatever you want'.

    - A source of Low Drama for feeding your Gremlin contaminated Adult Ego State.




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    Our beings are longing for a connection beyond the patriarchal woman's relationship. The game of competition, playing small or playing big among women is over! We are reclaiming our dignity. We honour our integrity. We hold space for each other to unfold our non-material value. We do not spend our precious life energy repairing and sewing endless holes in an old coat. In Patricarhy there will always be something to fix, something to repair, something to take care of as responsible victims. This game is over. By reclaiming true sisterhood we call upon our archetypal abilities to heal, teach and lead through steps out of patriarchy.

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    Do-Nothing Parenting

    & Holding Space for Children's Culture

    Once you have access and the radical freedom of not having to be a mother or a father or a parent, you can use your energy and your willingness to take responsibility.


    Available for other things:

    - Holding space for children's culture

    - Healing, transformation, initiation


    There is no MY CHILD and YOUR CHILD. There are children of a Village. We have more adults that children can rely on and trust.




    Parenting' as a deliberate and stressful activity has given rise to the term 'do-nothing parenting'.

    Children are obviously the most misunderstood beings in the context of modernity. Why have we ostracised our basic parental instincts, which ensure the continuation and sustenance of life?

    Parenting" is a very new modern idea, practised by the "educated". Modern parenting seems to be a stressful activity where parents don't know how to take care of their children. This is a critical crisis! Read more: JINAN'S ARTICLE

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    Holding space for children with Gaia.

    There is no free time in Archiarchy. We are here to heal the rhythms imposed by modern culture and to connect with the rhythms of nature.

    We do not just eat, we experience nourishment, trying new foods, celebrating the daily gifts. Together with the children, we discover what nature has for us: Picking fruit in groups, cooking different recipes, being with.

  • 3 Cell Bridge-House

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    Habet O.

    I am a shape shifter, a seed bomb for Transformation and an Intervention of Clarity and Evolution.


    I prepare Beings for Transformation.


    I am a spaceholder for next Culture.

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    Sareeta Pattni

    I am an explorer of my inner world who enjoys the process of discovery through my outer worldly encounters with people, places, cultures and food. My two young children have shown me that life can be different to how I thought it should be and I don’t have to follow ‘the plan’. Carving out a new path is scary because I have never done it this way before and this means I am making it up as I go. Yes, I am making it up as I go and I do not have the answers. I see my life as an unfolding where each step brings something different, a new opportunity to know more about myself and how I am showing up in the world to connect with the people around me.

    I see and appreciate the beauty in simplicity. The process of simplifying my life has brought in more clarity and space for connection.

    I want a village where women and men are committed to each other with clarity, love, discovery, creation and abundance allowing a different culture of childhood to emerge so children can be in their own process of exploration.

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    Marina Mello

    As soon as I became a mother, while I was still pregnant, I began to see how the survival strategies of Modern Culture were no longer serving me. Modern Culture - with 1000 of manuals of best practices - would dictate with a linear plan the best way to give birth, to feed, to care for, to educate, to be with my son, etc. In order to connect with a new being that was coming to Planet Earth through me, I was driven by ECCO to follow impulses, to be connected, to live in the here and now, to celebrate the steps and to honour the rites. My son brought me to the magic of being alive on this earth and the importance of being in a team, looking at old habits, thoughts and behaviours that do not follow the evolution of Next Culture.



    I'm a non-linear mother following impulses from my achetypal lineage. I'm a witch, I'm a healer, I'm a connector. I am an awakener from fantasy worlds.